Film/Visual Works

How to Undress in Front of Your Husband (2016)

This is a new work for video, pre-recorded audio and live music which was made using found footage from the 1940s and 50s and scored for 14 musicians. The piece was premiered by Red Note Ensemble and Music Lab at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland's Plug Festival in May 2016.

The video shown below is from the first performance, preceded by a short introduction which gives further information about the work.

Cloud Hands (2016)

'Cloud Hands' is a solo cello piece written for Jennifer Langridge as part of Psappha Ensemble's Composing for Cello scheme in 2015/16.

Between The Lines (2014)

'Between the Lines' is a new music+spoken word+video piece by myself and composer Thomas Butler. It is a collaborative project in the truest sense. We both worked on each part of the piece together at the same time. A mutual interest in mixed-media work led us to devise a story, which is read live by myself during the performance, accompanied by a series of still images (presented as a video). The music combines sound-recordings of the scenes depicted in the stills and cello music performed by Laura Sergeant.

Perception of Layers/Layers of Perception (2011)

This is a film installation piece which explores the topics of image, identity and gender. There are two separate videos which are shown simultaneously on facing screens, playing on a continuous loop. The piece was a first attempt at working with autobiographical material outwith a musical framework and led to further exploration of using mixed-media in my work.